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How do I remove pending meetings on the calendar?
How do I remove pending meetings on the calendar?
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Meeting Logs and Pending Meetings

A unique feature of Cabinet is the ability to play mental notes on the calendar to keep track of times you’ve offered different folks. You can also keep track of these times in the Meeting Log. When you send a booking link and a time is chosen, Cabinet will automatically update the Meeting Log and remove the pending spots on the calendar. However, when you send times manually, here’s how you update Cabinet:

To update the status of a pending meeting

  1. Select Meeting Log under Scheduling on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select the Status of the meeting.

  3. Choose the Scheduled option if the meeting has been scheduled. If not, choose the next most relevant status.

  4. Selecting any of these options, aside from In Progress, will remove the pending spots from being displayed on the Calendar view.

Watch this Video Explaining the Meeting Log and Pending Meetings

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