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How do I send or update a booking link?
How do I send or update a booking link?
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Save time by sending booking links

Booking links have become popular in recent years and so we’ve created a booking link experience that is designed for admins. You can select the times you’d like to offer, customize the name, and send the link for faster scheduling.

To send a booking link

  1. Select Find Availability on the navigation bar.

  2. With your mouse, click and drag the time slots you’d like to offer.

  3. Enter a Meeting Name. This name will be used as the title of calendar invitation.

  4. Select the toggle to Enable booking link.

  5. Click Location to select a Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams web conferencing link. If the meeting will use a different platform or location, select Other and enter that in manually.

  6. Toggle on Prevent Double Booking to ensure that the recipient cannot book over any existing meetings on your executive’s calendar.

  7. To see a preview of the booking experience for the receipient, select the Preview button.

  8. Select Copy Meeting Link to then share the link with the meeting attendees.

  9. As soon as the recipient select a time, Microsoft or Google (whichever you use), will send a calendar invite to all attendees.

  10. As the assistant, you will receive an email from Cabinet letting you know a time has been booked.

Watch this Video on Sharing Availability via a Booking Link

To update a booking link

  1. Select Meeting Log in the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Select the name of the meeting you’d like to update. This will open the calendar view.

  3. In the calendar view, adjust the selected times by using your cursor. A complete list of all times offered lives on the right side.

  4. Once you’re satisfied with the new times, there are no additional steps. The recipient can use the same link to access the updated times offered.

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