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How do I create a report?
How do I create a report?
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Calendar Analytics is a cutting-edge new tool and process that helps busy people make more time in their life. When you have a Pro or Enterprise account, you're able to seamlessly run reports in seconds.

How to create a report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section on the left.

  2. Select Reconciliation

  3. Choose an executive and a time period for which to collect calendar data

  4. Calendar data will automatically import from Microsoft or Google. It may take a couple of minutes if this is your first time creating a report.

    1. If you don't see any data fields appearing in the table after 5 minutes, please contact

  5. Once the data has loaded, update the Categories, Types or choose to Ignore data.

    1. Categories and Types are essentially customizable fields. Examples of categories might be "marketing" or "client A" and Types could be "1x1s" or "Strategy meeting". These are entirely up to you, however.

  6. To create/edit/delete Categories or Types in bulk, go to your Settings in the bottom left corner and select the Analytics tab.

  7. If you use color coding on your MS or Google calendar and would like to tie those colors to Categories or Types within Cabinet, go to your Settings in the bottom left corner and select the Analytics tab.

  8. When you are happy with your labels and tagging in Reconciliation, select Calendar Insights on the left hand-side under Reports.

  9. Now, select the executive and the time period for which you'd like to run the report.

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